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  • Trained electricians
    Trained electricians
    We have trained electricians to handle your electrical needs
  • Fluorescent lamps
    Fluorescent lamps
    Fluorescent lamps are still one of the most popular lighting choices for businesses. What should you know before changing to LED? We can help.
  • Bucket truck installation
    Bucket truck installation
    Our technicians are trained and experienced to handle pole mounted lighting
  • Street lighting
    Street lighting
    Street lighting is important for the safety of vehicle and pedestrian traffic alike. Is LED a good option for street lighting? We can help you decide.
  • Bucket trucks and Manlifts
    Bucket trucks and Manlifts
    We have several equipment options that allow us to service or install lights at the height that you need


Pono Solutions provides the highest quality maintenance services for businesses throughout Hawaii.

We have established a new style of business focused on service to the community rather than service to our wallet.  We believe that by conducting ourselves and our business transactions in accordance with our core values, we will continuously add value to our community.  Only by adding value to the communities in which we live can we hope to improve our own lives.

Our core values are represented in our company name.