About Us


TSM Enterprises, Inc. is a 100% Hawaiian-owned company registered in the State of Hawaii since 1983. We are known in the public sector as the following business trade names:

  1. TSM Enterprises, Inc.,
  2. Pono Energy Solutions
  3. Pono Solutions
  4. Pono Lighting Services.

In 1983, Merlyn S. Ferreira started TSM Enterprises, Inc. (TSM) with his father and his brother. They built TSM as a family-owned and operated sheet metal company, providing air conditioning ductwork fabrication and installation, and custom rain gutters.  TSM worked primarily in the private sector as a mechanical sub-contractor on building renovation and new construction projects.  As with many similar contracting companies, TSM expanded and contracted to meet the needs of the construction market in Hawaii.  TSM enjoyed the booming years, and weathered the down years.  In 2005, Merl became 100% owner of TSM.

In 2009, TSM made adjustments to its market focus due to the latest downturn in the construction industry. The energy industry was a relatively new industry that had many opportunities for a company like TSM.  In early 2010, the initial focus was solar photovoltaic systems.  After only a few months, TSM understood that a greater market was being ignored in the energy efficiency market.  In 2011, TSM had changed its focus to lighting, the simplest energy efficiency step to take.  The name Pono Solutions was also adopted at this time.  The first significant lighting project was Mālamalama Molokai where TSM engaged approximately 100 small businesses on the island of Molokai to retrofit their old lighting to new lighting technology that saved them dollars on their electric bill. This project introduced us to the SBDIL program administered by Hawaii Energy.  This program has become a widespread success on the islands of Oahu, Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii.

In 2012, Pono Solutions was the #1 participating contractor in the SBDIL program. The company also entered into a new sector of energy efficiency with the addition of lighting maintenance services and energy monitoring.

In 2013, Pono Solutions participated in a two-year project under Johnson Controls. Over these two years, we were awarded $1.4M in projects to upgrade the lighting systems within the Hawaii Department of Transportation Airport Division.  This opportunity helped us to develop our operations to fit the demanding needs of working for the State of Hawaii within a high-traffic zone and high visibility.  This project tested our accounting, our operations, our safety, and our project management.  The lessons learned from this project continues to positively impact the success of our daily operations today.

In 2015, we were encouraged to enter our company into competition with other local businesses to measure ourselves against some of the most productive companies in the state. To our surprise, we were selected as #3 on a list of fastest growing companies.  This was an absolute shock to our team since we had been focused on working hard, not on measuring success.  The lesson we got out of this honor was simple, “get back to work!”