Mission & Vision

Pono Solutions provides the highest quality maintenance services for businesses throughout Hawaii.

We seek to establish a new style of business focused on service to the community rather than service to one’s wallet. We believe that by conducting ourselves and our business transactions in accordance with our core values, we will continuously add value to our community.  Only by adding value to the communities in which we live can we hope to improve our own lives.

Core Values

Our core values are represented in our company name.

  • Pono:
    • The Hawaiian word pono means goodness, morality, proper, righteous. Pono has strong cultural and spiritual connotations of “a state of harmony or balance. Pono is more of a foundation, so it comes from beneath us, it comes into us, and it permeates us. Pono comes from above and around us.  To live pono is a lifestyle that loves nature, not only cherishing its beauty, but also respecting it and its rich sustenance it provides.
  • Solutions:
    • We aim to bring solutions to the way Hawaii businesses consume energy. We appreciate our great need for energy.  We also understand that without a sustainable practice of energy generation and consumption, Hawaii will be lost in the imbalance.  We fulfill our customers need for maintenance services while continuing a knowledge-first discussion of energy efficient solutions that improve our customer’s operations.