Lighting Maintenance Service:

Pono Solutions provides lighting maintenance services for commercial customers across Hawaii. We have a fleet of vehicles and a staff of lighting technicians that visit customer sites daily to either repair lighting systems that are not working properly, or to replace existing lighting systems with newer technology.

IMG_7696We understand that lighting affects the productivity, safety, and security of every business. Our goal is to promptly respond to your request and to quickly return your lighting systems to proper working order.  We service all lighting to include:

  • interior fixtures such as troffers and recessed cans in the ceiling
  • warehouse fixtures such as high and low bay
  • exterior fixtures such as wall packs, flood light, and pole lights

If you are interested in updating your lighting to LED, we will assist you with your decision. We advise you to consider three areas when making this decision:

  • the long-term performance of the LED solution you choose
  • the energy savings and the associated simple payback period
  • the experience of the contractor you choose

We would also suggest that you have a demonstration of the LED solution provided at your site, or at a site very similar to yours.

Parking Garage LED1Lighting Controls:

Lighting controls can help to save 10 – 15% of a business’s energy bill by turning off lights when they are not needed. Occupancy sensors and daylight sensors are simple solutions with a potentially large impact.

Pono Solutions can help you to evaluate the impact that sensors can have on your energy bill.

Electrical Maintenance Service:

When your electrical system is running well, you don’t even think about it. But when the power goes out, you want it fixed immediately!  Pono Solutions has electricians on the road every day, responding to service calls.  Whether you have an emergency or need an outlet installed in a more convenient location, just give us a call.