Pono Solutions values energy education enough to make it a top priority with each engagement we have.  By educating first, our customers gain a greater appreciation of the importance of their decision to adopt energy efficient solutions.  “Education First” differentiates Pono Solutions from its competitors.  By integrating with community centers like churches, schools, community-service groups, and local leaders, we help people to realize that Pono Solutions is much more about helping Hawai’i rather than about making sales.

Sustainable Living:

Did you know Hawai’i was once 100% sustainable?  She provided all the food and water needed by her people and prospered as her people prospered.  In ancient times, the people of Hawai’i acted as stewards of the “aina” or land and believed that they were directly connected with it.  However, over a short period of times, through our own fault and disregard for the impact we were making, we have changed Hawai’i.  Today, Hawai’i is in turmoil, becoming over 90% dependent on oil for her energy demands and over 85% dependent on imported food;  carelessly abusing her natural resources.  As a company we have made it our mission to help our islands become sustainable again for the future generations, We uphold Hawaiian values and still believe that Hawai’i remains one with her people.  Because we have changed, Hawai’i has changed.  In order for Hawai’i to become sustainable again, the people must become sustainable; one by one, all as one and together.  It’s a kakou thing!

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It’s simple:

“Energy Efficient = Less Oil Dependence”  and “Clean Renewable Energy = Less Oil Dependence ”