Renewable Resources

Take advantage of renewable energy resources!


The heat and light provided by the sun provides an abundant source of energy for Hawai’i and can be harnessed in many ways.  Sunlight or solar energy generates hot water heating and electricity that can be used to power homes and other buildings.

Wind:Photo Dec 10, 11 41 25 AM

Hawai’i has an endless supply of renewable wind power.  In ancient times, Hawaiians depended on the trade winds to help sail their canoes.  Today, one way we harness the power of the wind is through wind turbines which produce electricity.  In Hawai’i, wind farms are already supplying electricity to consumers on Maui and Hawai’i island and plans are under way to install wind turbines on Lana’i, Moloka’i, and O’ahu.


Pono camping 2013-3The ocean produces thermal energy from the sun’s heat and mechanical energy from the currents and waves.  The ocean also plays a part in producing hydropower which uses water as a fuel.  Water is constantly in cycle:  evaporating, forming clouds, precipitating, and then flowing back to the ocean.  Because the water cycle is an endless system, hydropower is considered a renewable energy resource.


GIMG_3127eothermal energy taps into the Earth’s internal heat to produce electricity and to heat and cool buildings.  Plants are another source of energy we use from the land.  The organic matter that plants consist of, otherwise known as biomass, can also be used to produce electricity.